Biking Direction Legends for Google Maps

Below is a re-post of what appeared on the Google LatLong Blog on January 26, 2012.  We enjoy posting bicycle friendly maps for St Clair County, Illinois on our website and it is great to see that Google Maps has become even more deeply dedicated to helping out bicyclists with legends for their bicycle maps.  Great post by Dave Kim, Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps

New Biking Directions Legend

Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 7:31 AM

If you’re looking for new ways to get around for fun or to work, or might be trying to live a greener lifestyle in 2012, why not try biking? In March 2010 we introduced biking directions and since thenGoogle Maps has been sharing biking directions with cyclists across the U.S and Canada.

Since no bike path is the same, many users have requested an easier way to differentiate the different types of bike routes that are available. Starting today, a new legend feature can help you understand what the different colors on the bike maps symbolize.

  • Dark green is for dedicated trails and paths
  • Light green is for roads with dedicated lanes
  • Dotted green is for roads that are friendly for cyclists

Look for the biking legend in the upper right hand corner of the map

You can view this legend by clicking on the widget in upper right corner of Google Maps and selecting the Bicycling layer. You can also access biking directions on your Android device or by going to on your mobile browser.

Whether you want to drive, take transit, walk or even bike, Google Maps can help you get around. To see how it works on your Android phone take a tour here.

Posted by Dave Kim, Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps


New Drone Technology

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