The GeoTech Center

Had a conversation yesterday with Phillip Davis of the GeoTech Center.  I was very impressed with the help they are trying to provide for Colleges and Universities trying to start a Geographic Information System (GIS) Training and/or Certification Program.  Check out their resources.  They provide a significant amount of help.


Improvements at Open StreetMap

I like the changes going on at OpenStreetMap. I think they are trying to become more user friendly and are pushing themselves more into the mainstream of the mapping world.  Below is an OpenStreetMap of O’Fallon, Illinois that results from the OpenStreetMap export tool which provides a user with an embeddable map for your webpage.  It is very nice and shows that OpenStreetMap is no longer just for the application developers.

After writing this post it looks like the embedded maps are not compatible with the security rules.  To see the map I created you can go to my VerticalGeo company website (also WordPress, but hosted by VerticalGeo) and see the map in this post.  Link.