US Open Golf Course Mapping

Very nice Map from ESRI that depicts the individual holes at this weekend’s US Open Golf Championships.

US Open Golf Championship 2013

US Open Golf Championship 2013










Shows the usefulness of ArcGIS Online for reaching a large group of users


Completed Aerial Photography Project for the City of O’Fallon, Illinois

We completed an aerial photography project for the city of O’Fallon, Illinios this week.  We flew the core of downtown O’Fallon and the Public Cemetery.  I created a web map on ArcGIS Online that includes both pieces of aerial photography overlaid on top of an ESRI Street Map basemap.  Here is the result: an interactive web map:,38.5838,-89.8908,38.6006&zoom=true
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Creating Your Own Custom BaseMaps in ArcGIS Online

Bernie Szukalski of ERSI posted this post on the ArcGIS Online Blog:

Recently we’ve received some questions about custom basemaps, using a unique basemap of your own instead of one of the Esri options found in the basemap gallery. In this post we’ll review how to use your own basemap and a few options.

Using any map service as a basemap

One of the easiest ways to have a custom basemap is to use an existing map service that’s been shared on ArcGIS Online. Any map service will work, but exactly how you do this depends on whether you’re using the map viewer or Explorer Online. We’ll start with the map viewer.

Open the map viewer with the default basemap, and search for the layer you want to use as your custom basemap. In these examples, we’ll use the Commonwealth of Kentucky map.

Click Add, then Search for Layers, and enter the search keyword(s):

Once you locate the service you want to use as your basemap, instead of clicking Add click the item name and choose Use as Basemap:

Here’s our map, now using the Commonwealth of Kentucky map service as our basemap. You can share it, embed it, use it applications, etc., just like any other map.

Using ArcGIS Explorer Online you can do the same, but the procedure is a bit different. Start Explorer Online, then click New Map, then choose Advanced:

If you’ve already added a map service item you want to use, click My Services to find it. Otherwise use Search to find the one you want to use, then click its thumbnail to highlight it:

Then click Create

And you’ve opened a new map with your custom basemap choice:

Adding your basemap directly from the service

You can add a map service directly from the service endpoint as published in your ArcGIS Services Directory. Just go to the services directory and copy the service URL:

Using the map viewer choose Add, then Add Layer from Web. Then paste the URL and check the box for Add As Basemap:

Note that you can also add OGC (WMS) services as basemaps in the same way.

Using Explorer Online start the application then choose New Map, then Advanced as we described earlier. Then choose Service URL and paste the URL into the input box. You can also click Test to make sure your chosen basemap works properly before you click Create Map to open it.

Adjusting your basemap

The map viewer enables you to adjust the transparency of any basemap, so you can “dial it down” to eliminate competition with your other operational layers if desired. Place your mouse over the basemap name to reveal the arrow, then click the arrow and choose Transparency:

While Explorer Online does not support adjusting basemap transparency, you can adjust the transparency using the map viewer, then save and open your map in Explorer Online.

For more information see Adding data layers to web maps or Create a new map.