First Bike Ride of the Year

I took a nice, leisurely ride today for my first bike ride of the year. I left home, and headed to VerticalGeo’s office in O’Fallon, then turned around and headed back home. The O’Fallon Bike Trail was spectacular today. Lots of people out exercising. Here is the map of today’s bike ride. Not very long, but it was very nice. I used the My Tracks App on my Android phone to create this:


Mission Impossible and The Technology Explosion

Last weekend we went to the movies and saw the “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” movie, the most current release in the Mission Impossible series.  I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s and watched the Mission Impossible weekly series for years and now have been a big fan of the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movies that have been released the last few years.  I think I have seen all of them.  The weekly series back in the 1960s and 1970s and now in the movies version Mission Impossible has been able to leverage leading edge technology and pushed beyond what is available as a recurring theme in the plot.  So, last week we watched the latest Mission Impossible movie and last night we rented “Mission Impossible II.”  I was struck with how far the use of technology has come and the direction it has taken during the 12 years between the release of the two movies.  “Mission Impossible II”  was centered around the use of cellular phones and new laptop computer satellite tracking devices and visualization that were just coming of age in 2000.  The phones were huge and the tracking technology was ancient.  The newest movie “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” seemed like a paid advertizement for Apple’s IPhone and IPads.  Almost every piece of technology ran on the mobile devices.  Like all the Mission Impossible movies there were some pretty incredible technical displays in the latest release.  With the explosion of mobile devices it will be interesting to see where the series heads technologically in the future.