Sod Homes of Central Nebraska

My Dad recently sent me his photos of Sod Homes in Nebraska, so I thought I would start posting photos of the Sod Homes in Central Nebraska that he grew up with.  This first one is his GrandPa Pigman’s Sod Home near Ord, Nebraska.

Pigman Sod Home, Ord Nebraska, 1925

If you want to view more Neberaska Sod Homes you can go to my Nebraska Sod Homes photo gallery to view them here.  Link.


Historic Nebraska Sod House Photos

My Dad grew up on a farm in central Nebraska near the town of Ord.  It is hard to imagine the differences in the quality of life that he has lived through.  Growing up with an outhouse, no electricity, no running water, and no easy transportation to town is a much different life than any of us who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s experienced.  Yesterday he sent me some great photos of the Marshall homestead.  Some are from the 1880s, some from the early 1900s, and some from the late 1900s.  They are pretty incredible photos that highlight life in those times.  Please click on the below thumbnail to go to the gallery I constructed to house these photos.  I will be posting more as I receive them.

Pigman Sod House, near Ord, Nebraska, Circa 1900

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