Checkout the latest ESRI ArcNews Article

Checkout the latest ESRI ArcNews Article on Airport Incident Management here

VerticalGeo will be at the American Asso

VerticalGeo will be at the American Assoc of Airport Execs (AAAE) Conf May 15-18 in Houston. Stop by Booth 1022.

Big Happenings with Small Satellites

Interesting developments in the small satellite world: Link



International Year of Light

Thanks to my friend Brittany K. L. Mabry for putting together a great article on the International Year of Light for LiDAR News. Expect to hear lots of information regarding the use of LiDAR and other light-based technology over the next year. Here is a link to the article:

Going Paperless

I have been thinking about going paperless with my company VerticalGeo for the last couple years.  I have cut the amount of paper I use by 50% over the last year by storing most of my paperwork online with DropBox.  Lately though I have been hearing people I work with talk about how great the Evernote program is.  I downloaded Evernote the other day and have been experimenting with it.  I like it, but thought it would have limited impact until I saw this video by John Chow on YouTube.

Looks pretty interesting to me, so I think I’ll take the plunge and buy the scanner and see how paperless I can go.